Museum Of Arts & Culture

The Museum of Arts & Culture at New Rochelle High School inspires educational excellence by providing an on-site museum experience for students and serving as an important cultural asset for the community at large. The Museum of Arts & Culture is the only Regents-chartered museum in a school in the State of New York.

Through a combination of original and visiting exhibits and programs focused on the fine arts, history, literature, science and technology, the MAC enriches the school curriculum as it stimulates thought, excites the imagination, and energizes understanding.

The Museum of Arts & Culture also collaborates with other museums, cultural institutions and community groups to reach beyond its walls and serve as an educational and cultural resource for the entire City of New Rochelle.

The Museum of Arts & Culture is a program of the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence. You can support the work of the MAC by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Fund.

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